Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Marcereau & Nazif Gets $500,000 for Injured Motorcycle Client

Here is a copy of the Marcereau & Nazif press release regarding a recent motorcycle accident settlement.

Marcereau & Nazif Obtains $500,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. - Last month, Marcereau & Nazif obtained a settlement in the case of Korte v. Lebard & Underwood, which was pending in Orange County Superior Court.  Marcereau & Nazif obtained $500,000 on behalf of their client, who was involved in a solo motorcycle accident. The plaintiff was riding his motorcycle in the Anaheim area when his front tire suddenly blew out, causing him to crash his motorcycle through a chain link fence at over 50 miles per hour.  The plaintiff suffered serious injuries, including multiple broken bones.  The tire blow-out occurred approximately one month after the plaintiff had his front wheel replaced.  Marcereau & Nazif sued the defendant repair shop, alleging that they failed to properly inspect the tire.  Marcereau & Nazif alleged that the tire had small, internal defects that caused the inner tube to explode.  After a year-long battle, the defendant ultimately paid $500,000 to settle the case.  Attorney Rob Marcereau stated:  "We're very pleased with the result we obtained for our client.  He and his family have gone through a lot because of this accident, and this money will go a ilong way toward helping them recover.  Negligent maintenance is always a very difficult case to prove, but we investigated this case for over a year and turned over every rock.  Ultimately, the defendant knew we had a strong case and they didn't want this to go before a jury."

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